More women in science

Talent has no gender. #NoMoreMatildas

A few weeks ago, : #Morewomeninscience. The objective of this campaign is to bring to textbooks women working in science who have contributed key findings to the Society.

Women on science

Why? Well, to get them to awaken the scientific vocation of all those girls who, until today, to think that science is a man’s thing.

The campaign is good, the video is good and for many days we saw how on Social Networks, especially Linkedin.

What I want to talk about today is an element that emerges in this campaign and that, in my opinion, is key in the fight for equality: visibility.

Visibility and Marketing.

In Marketing, women in science visibility is tied to a key concept: notoriety. Many times, what we want to achieve with a Marketing campaign is awareness.

So can you imagine what happens to everything that “is not noticeable” or “Visible”? Exactly, it seems that it does not exist.

Although it is true that from the outset all people have the same opportunities to generate visibility, the reality is different: women have less visibility in the business world.

Be that as it may, this lack of visibility also has consequences in the business world and as they point out in the #nomorematildas campaign, it has costs that we should not bear as a society.

Women in science, the Matilda effect and prejudice 

In the #Morewomeninscience campaign they denounce that by not talking about female referents in scientific fields.

So why is this going to be any different in the corporate world?

And so, with everything that has to do with prejudice.

You may think that this does not suit you, but the truth is that everyone has prejudices and you must analyze which ones are yours. In this way you will be able to discover people and potentials that your prejudices would not let you discover.

Are you going to stop seeing part of the world because of them?

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